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Summer Road Trip Tips Auto Repair Guys/Over 28 Years Experienced!

Below are some road trips for everyone to use when taking a late summer or early Fall vacation. Your car or truck today is the cheapest way to go if you have your car in shape to tackle these hot roads and highways out there in America. Can you imagine your self and maybe with your family cruising down the highway having the wind blow in your hair. That is a great feeling to have but to make sure that you get to your destinations follow these very helpful tips for taking summer road trips.

Please have your engine oil changed: During your engine oil change these auto repair guys will also check other items for you free of charge. belts, hoses, fluids, lubricate your front end, and let you know of any problems they can see that could possibly give you car problems on your road trip.

Have your vehicle Tuned up: During the tune up process these auto repair guys will check your cars computer system, ignition system, and let you know if you have any computerized sensor problems that could give you a bad road trip experience.

Have your wheels aligned at least once a year or before your Summer road trip: Now these auto repair guys really know their stuff when it comes to your wheels and steering components. During the alignment process your ball joints, tie rod ends, idler arm, pitman arm, caster and camber along with your toe in and toe out will be checked and set back to factory specifications for you. If you plan on towing something really heavy let these guys know ahead of time in case they have to align the vehicle with the load attached.

The last road trip tip I want to give you is kind of tricky. It includes receiving a free brake inspection: Now with these auto repair guys you may want to watch out a little bit cause they will be out to make some money not as bad as the other guys listed before. Brake inspections is a money maker for these automotive guys! They can use scare tactics to make you buy something from them. Once you hear a scare tactic used, leave immediately!

Check Engine Light
 NOTE: Summer road trip tips and these automotive repair guys can work well together if you find some trusting mechanics. During the oil change process watch out for quickie shops who will show how your fluids look compared to new fluids. And on your vehicle tune up watch out for over selling here as well such as unneeded filters and spark plug wires and sensors. The alignment guys can be a little sly also if they want to so be careful there as well. They may bring you out in the shop and show you how far and how much play your joints have on your vehicle. And last but least is the free brake inspection auto repair so called guys. Brake parts are very easy for them to replace and will turn around and charge you an arm and a leg.

I hope these Summer road trip tips and the automotive repair guys information I have given you will give you that vacation you badly deserve to take a pleasant one. For more reading please visit my blog at, “Auto Repair Savings.” -The Autodude- Over 28 Years Experienced!