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Midwest Title Loans located at 603 S Belt Hwy in St. Joseph Missouri. (Phone: (816) 232-9100 )

I suppose you are wondering why I am writing about Midwest Title Loans located in St. Joseph Missouri so much lately. Well I will explain to you in this post. Midwest Title Loans in my experience, wants you to default on your car title loans so they can threaten you to put your car or truck on the auction block and make some money. Here is what will happen to you or your loved one when you get behind on your payment even if it almost paid off.

First they will take your car or truck, yes the one you spent your hard earned money on. It dosent matter where you are. You could be shopping for food for your family or you could just be picking up your child from the baby sitters. If you catch them right away and try to call the police the local police will tell you the BANK has permission to Repo your car. If you call Mid West Title Loans in St. Joseph Missouri they will act like they are king of the world and DEMAND that you pay Half of the amount due but they will still keep your vehicle. Midwest Title Loans will tell you that you have ten days while they still keep your car. I offered to pay half if they brought my suv back. But they declined and said that my vehicle will be put on the auction block if the other half is not paid in 20 days.

It dosent matter if you have been doing business with them for a year or more they will be very eager to take your vehicle. Midwest Title Loans located at 603 S Belt Hwy in St. Joseph Missouri. (Phone: (816) 232-9100 )is a place too stay away from! The other guys there in St. Joseph have nicer offices, treat you very well, and some places have smaller interest rates. You can follow my advice or you can go to Midwest Title Loans and lose your car or truck. If you have already been a victim to them read my earlier posts for the attorneys handling class action lawsuits against Missouri Car and Truck Title Loan places. You can also read the news clipping there.

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kilim me softly, vol. 2

only a handful of many gorgeous pillows made from vintage kilims at organic shine society. gorgeous pop of pattern and color from these transformed Turkish rugs. (the top one is on my wish list).

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Vehicles And Spring Time 2012 is The Perfect Time For These Car And Truck Services

Is your car or truck acting sluggish after this winter in 2012? Chances are you are having either of these problems occurring. Or you could have more than one problem. I will explain here what I mean. Please pass this article to someone having these kind of problems.

Wet or Cracked Spark Plug Wires: Electrical spark will find its way to the closest path to a ground. Moisture is always a problem on just about anything. Im sure you all know this already. But wet or worn out spark plug wires will also foul out your plugs. So when you replace your spark plug cables you may have to also replace your sparkplugs. Sometimes after replacing your bad wires the engine will clean up your plugs for you.

Partially Plugged Catalytic Converter: I have seen a lot of times when a very hot exhaust system will hit the very cold water or slushy puddles and close off some of the back pressure. A clear exhaust system will show no restriction at a idle and read zero on a back pressure tester. Where as a partially plugged exhaust system will show two to three pounds.

A Dirty or Plugged Fuel Filter: I have noticed people seem to be a bit lazy when it comes to winter time car and truck maintenance. Most cars and trucks these days require at least 25 to 35 pounds of fuel pressure at an idle. A dirty or plugged fuel filter will drop these readings and cause a vehicle to run sluggish and some times very hard to start. If you let it go to long it could cause the fuel pump to overwork its self and cause early fuel pump failure.

Cracked Ignition Module or Coil Packs: Now this problem is similar to the spark plug wires mentioned above. Just like spark plug wires electrical voltage will find its closest path to a ground. The best way to have these problems fixed is to have an engine diagnostics perform by a engine performance expert and make sure he or she is a ASE certified technician in that field.

I hope these Spring time tips for your car or truck will help you get that zoom back in your ride! Make sure you find a reputable auto repair shop to perform these checks so they wont try to take your hard earned money. Its feels like a car title loan place sneaking up on you and stealing your ride. Happy Driving!
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found recently

i always share vintage finds that are listed in the shop, but i thought i'd post a few things i've unearthed and charmed by enough to keep them for myself. i'm a collector after all. i found this minnesota twins matchbook at a juicy estate sale last weekend south of the twin cities.

i love this because:

i'm a twins fan (of course). things with a regional connection are always a little bit nostalgic. it means more to me than it would to someone in rhode island with no ties to the upper midwest. but it might mean more to a baseball collector in a different way than it does to me.

it's also in such good shape. the cardboard is stiff, there aren't any creases and only a little surface wear. plus the matches are still inside, which completes the package. i actually love that two matches were used - in that way, i can tell it wasn't found with 100 others fresh out of the box, it was actually saved and preserved by an actual baseball fan. that makes it a little more unique to me.

another plus is that i know what year it is from: the 1970 home game schedule is printed on the inside. often you can't accurately date an item without in depth research.

lastly, i love it because it's a little piece of american advertising. vintage matchbooks are easy to find because everybody printed them back in the day. matchbooks were better than business cards because smoking was the norm. easy advertising.

who knows, maybe it'll end up in the shop someday. (that's the beauty of having your own vintage shop.) but most likely it'll be a part of my personal collection for quite some time.

besotted brand

ellen turned me on to besotted brand and of course i'm in love. great rubber stamps, custom options and the cutest save the dates. wouldn't a custom monogram or calligraphy stamp be a perfect gift for your valentine? (hinthint, nudgenudge.)

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